Our mission

Helping people date better and alleviate the pains of modern dating.

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Why We Started Vance

Modern dating sucks. We get it, we've been in your shoes before.

Living and dating in NYC over the past decade, we realized that dating was a big (and often stressful) part of our lives, as well as that of our friends and peers. Existing support systems were ineffective; our therapists were out of touch with modern dating practices, getting advice from our friends was like the blind leading the blind, and sometimes sharing our dating life with family felt uncomfortable. We knew there had to be a better channel to consume dating best practices and have a third-party expert evaluate our situations and help give feedback, which is why we started Vance in 2022.

Our mission is to help people alleviate the frustrations of modern dating and make dating easier for everyone. We are a dating enablement platform and community that helps provide content and consulting for those going through the slog of dating in 2023.

Whether you need help revamping your Hinge profile, strategizing your next date, or interpreting that confusing text, our team of dating consultants is here for you. We're passionate about giving advice, know what we’re talking about, and have been in your shoes before.

Join our waitlist below, or text us at (732) 800 - 4603 and let us help guide you closer to your relationship goals!